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Our Philosophy & Our Passion

Patricia BALDINO French interior designer is the founder of her agency Le Labo Du Design in Switzerland.

Our design agency works for ultra-contemporary luxury villas for hotels, boutiques, spas, the elite in Switzerland, the Caribbean and around the world.

We create emotions transforming living spaces in a unique and exclusive setting, but at the same time welcoming, hospitable and functional.  

Our concept is to start from a blank page in order to elegantly embrace the interior of each one, to defend the intelligence of the useful bordered by a fertile imagination, for the sole purpose of your well-being.

Our interior designers bring a French touch to your projects ranging from the creation of atmosphere to the design of furniture through the choice of materials.

In collaboration with architects, builders, real estate agencies, and owners, she manages each project from the drawing board, to the 3D design until the final installation.

She also offers professional advice for the purchase and installation of furniture allowing you to benefit from her experience and sound advice. She ensures the purchase and the follow-up of orders of furniture, household linen, decoration to obtain a project in the rules of the art.

Not only does she deliver according to your requests, but she manages the project from A to Z ensuring you peace and quality. 

Welcome to the world of Design,


I introduce myself Patricia Baldino, decorator and interior designer.

I would like to present our two companies to you so that we can eventually collaborate in your future projects.


I wish you good discovery!



We see it differently

We do not see ourselves as a simple design agency, we see ourselves as collaborators in your company. The world is full of inspired people, great ideas and new markets - let's build your projects together.

Creativity & Innovation

We are passionate about ideas, creativity and new trends to give our customers what they need. We tap into the collective imagination of our creative team to generate powerful and original ideas and designs.

Size matters

We want to ensure that the needs of our clients and the quality of our work are at the heart of our business - so we have kept our team small despite the temptations for massive expansion. We occupy a unique position as a design agency, which allows us to pay attention to detail and provide excellent service. We like to offer work that excites everyone who works with us, as evidenced by the high referral rate of our clients. We love happy customers.



Our core values set the tone for the way we work and what we expect of ourselves, our partners and even our clients. Words like transparency, honesty, integrity, value, motivation, flexibility, longevity and unity are words that not only resonate with us, but are also the driving force behind everything we do.



Design agency based in Pully created by Patricia Baldino, Le Labo Du Design specializes in interior decoration and upscale layout of luxury villas, chalets, apartments, hotels, spa, shops, not to mention the sale of indoor & outdoor furniture, lighting, accessories, upholstery, made-to-measure fittings, plumbing, sanitary ware, floor covering, wall covering etc…. . We work with over 700 design brands around the world for the sole purpose of bringing you the latest trends. Our mission when we support professionals is to live up to their requirements, we manage the project by your side from A to Z in order to ensure peace and quality. We are also working in Europe and Switzerland.  


We accept unique situations and complex issues. We are ready for our next challenge.

By remaining at your disposal, I wish you a pleasant day accompanied by my best messages


Patricia baldino



The Design Lab

Rue du Midi 1  

1009 PULLY


Office: +41 21 711 34 83

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