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You have a project to create a new bathroom, Le Labo Du Design offers you equipment solutions. The bathroom must be practical, functional and allow you to tidy up everything. What must above all be taken into account in your layout is the creation of a space for your absolute well-being.

This piece is an invitation to relaxation and well-being. Choose neutral and light colors for the walls and add a more colorful touch to your bathroom furniture and accessories. Bet on the light wood of teak or bamboo, natural materials for a peaceful atmosphere.

You can take care of yourself in a Zen atmosphere thanks to our design agency.

Above all, do not overload your bathroom, think of minimalist decoration and delicate lighting. Add a few candles, an incense diffuser or essential oils that will give your modern bathroom a spa feel.

Beyond these  design tips, for personalized advice, it would be best to contact our interior designer.

Cosentino, Cocoon, Hansgrohe, Falper, Gravelli, Inbani, Rexa, Riluxa, Zuchetti, Duravit, Villeroy & Boch, THG Paris.

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