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Wall design

No more sad walls, dare to make them design!

Le Labo Du Design will create an atmosphere that will make your living space charismatic.

Our design wallpapers give life to collections that play on different inspirations, atmospheres and subjects, for interiors with a strong scenographic and creative impact. The result is an incredible artistic and decorative effect  for all interiors.

The latest generation of detection and graphic printing technology makes it possible to produce decorative panels for walls characterized by an unprecedented graphic quality, both in terms of visual impact (realistic panels with stone or mineral effect, such as marble, 'agate, onyx and  many others  ), and the  media used  (including light, mat, gloss and reduced thickness panels).

Fancy some magic on your walls, let our interior designers do it.

Our interior designers use the latest generation of design, such as wall tiles, ceiling tiles, wall fabrics and designer acoustic panels.

Pierre Frey, Concrete LCDA, 3D surface, Alex Turco, Bplan, Lithos design, Modulararts, Marotte….

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